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Monday, March 9, 2009

tumblelite blogging reader

As you can see, the layout of the blog has changed a bit! I’m now using my new ‘tumblelite’ app to power the header with some bits of illustration work. You can find out more about the new tumblerlite app and it’s current development by visiting:

It takes an tumblr blog and represents it in a flash based app…


Further playing with the tumblr blogging system, a new blog reader. I’ll be adding features and will update this post, but here’s a link to the current build …

The science bit:

Built in Flash and AS2, it uses the tumblr’s excellent API to pull out the data from a users blog. You can retrieve 50 items at a time. The reader sit’s in the background and request’s 50 items which it then orders. After a short pause it fetches the next 50 items and so on.

At the top of the reader is a little counter called ‘total pull’ which displays how many item’s have been read in.


Also used was a little Mod Rewrite so that user’s can type in their username’s after the trailing slash to customise the readers feed, for example:

There’s still a lot to do like sorting pagination so that a user can’t overrun past how many ‘pulls’ it’s collected. Also will be adding commenting to users feeds and some customisation, but so far it’s not bad for 2hours work 😉

6 Responses to “new look & tumblelite”

  1. Arvidsson Says:


    Nice feature. I write in swedish and the flash application does not seem to handle letters å,ä,ö. That´s too bad.


  2. Designer Boy Says:

    Hi Arvidsson,
    Thanks for the heads up, those characters should now be supported 🙂

  3. Liam R Says:

    Glad my swfAddress example helped you out! – Loving the TumbleLite app! You going to get swfAddrss in there 🙂


  4. shannon Says:

    hey…i found your flash tumblr example…while looking for tips to help me construct my own…but i can’t seem to get the flash to pull in my photos from tumblr…if you could offer any advice i would greatly appreciate it…

  5. Designer Boy Says:

    Hi Shannon, when you say your unable to load in the images, is this after you have successfully loaded the XML from tumbler? The tag group to look out for is ‘photo-url’. I’ve just looked at my code to see if you force loaded the crossdomain policy but I’ve not so it should in theory be ok.

  6. shannon Says:

    hey…thanks for getting back to me…i’ve got the xml to load from tumblr…but it won’t display photos, only the text / captions…funny thing is when i run the movie in flash, it all loads, but when i upload it to my site the photos disappear…however i can still click on where it would be to open it in a new window…you can hit my email : shannon (dot) starkey (at) gmail (dot) com