Nascent Prophecy

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Set in a unique isometric diorama, you assume the role of Sam, a terraformer, who’s been at Spire outpost for the last 6 months. Spread over multiple chapters moving from location to location, players must solve environmental puzzles and tasks slowly piecing together what took place in the events leading up to your blackout. 

Created over the course of 2020/21 to better understand Unity and HDRP, you can learn more about its development and download a vertical slice of the experience on

NASCENT PROPHECY  After heading out to investigate an isolated loss of power to the Spire’s outer boundary, you lose consciousness from what you can only imagine was a blow to your head. Coming too, you soon discover things aren’t as they seem and the complex has gone into lockdown.

Radio contact lost and no other communication available, you and your AI companion Joey set out to get back inside and work out what your colleagues are trying to keep out … or even in.

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